'Finishing' houses machines for Lamination (both cold and thermal), lN coating, Aqua Varnishing, Foil Printing and Thermal Embossing. These add value and beauty to the print production by giving it style and sophistication.

Lamination, UV Coating and Embossing are modern techniques hugely popular amongst contemporary customers.We use some of the best machines Imported from around the world to provide these services. For intricate and complex f renditions the finishing section has manual Foil printing machines, while the Heidelberg Platen Foil Printing Machine provides the best solution for normal printing.

With the culminatton of printing starts one of our most well known services­ Packaging. Right from Shrink-wrapping to customized packaging, insertion of CO-ROM's and flyers, to specially ordered customized packaging - whatever the requirement, the Finishing department ensures the finest results.Our efficient delivery teams take care of timely delivery of your consignments,right at your doorstep.

And If you thought It ends there,well that's just the beginning.Our pro-active customer care center follows up by monitoring your feedback and analyzing our performance.There is always room for improvement.

Equipment in the Finishing

Lamination Machine(Cold)CAGL 1020 India
Lamination Machine(Cold)650Euro Bond
Lamination Machine(Thermal)D&K
Encapsulation MachineEagle
UV Coating MachineSvecia
Aqua Varnish Coating Machine(Waterbase)Heidelberg
Foil Printing(platen)Heidelberg
Foil Printing(50x70 cm)Champion
Foil Printing(manual)Baier Gmbh
Thermal Embossing MachineAdana
Shrink Wrapping MachineClear Pack
Bundling Machine