MD's Message

Abdulsalam Albanna

Ahlan Wa Sahlan,
The quality of our work depends on the quality of our people.The IPP team compromises of some of the best printing professionals from all around the world. They are equipped with the latest state of the art technology,and backed by a well organized marketing and customer service team.The press has an excellent quality management system in place,which ensures both quality and complete customer satisfaction.Our customers expect and deserve nothing less than the best.

We continuously train and upgrade ourselves so that our productivity and output quality remains top class. It is absolutely essential for maintaining our current market leadership. Achieving leadership is easy,retaining it is difficult.

As technology and competition accelerate by the day,so do customer expectations and our ability to deliver.Our latest technological upgrades allow us to deliver quality on time and within budget, while retaining our competitiveness. We must retain this edge in order to remain the best. This desire for leadership is a tradition started by the founding fathers of the group.Together as a team we will turn this tradition into an enduring institution that forms the base of our success.

Abdulsalam Albanna

Managing Director