Post Press

The Post Press is the one of the most active corners of the International Printing Press. A variety of machines and experienced hands bind together your valuable publications, newsletters, flyers and other printed matter. The efficient machines and nimble human hands, supported by computers and automation come together to fold, bind stitch, glue, punch or number the printed matter as per your instructions. They maintain speed, consistency and quality. We believe that binding quality separates the good from the bad publications. Whatever your need, the IPP Post Press has men and machines to deliver up to the highest standards of quality and finish.

Right from the industrious task of die cutting, which gives shape to your imagination, onto the mechanical task of numbering, the Post Press strives to give you quality with consistency. One without the other is absolutely nothing.

Equipment in the Post Press

Perfect Binder (Tigra)Muller Martini
Saddle Stitcher-PrestoMuller Martini
Perfect Binder (QB 300)Heidelberg
Automatic Case Maker (CD AFM 450)China
Wire O Wire Binder (Fully Automatic)James Burn
Folding Machines - 2 NosStahl
Cutting Machines (Polar 115) 2 NosPolar
Cutting Machines (Polar 76)Polar
Stitching Machines (Exact Plus)Honer
Automatic Folder Gluer (Metro 105)Petratto - Italy
Automatic Die Cutting & Foil (TYM 1020)China
Die Cutting - Cylinder SMC - 2 NosHeidelberg
Die Cutting (70x100 cm.)Champion
Die Cutting (50x70 cm.)Champion
Sewing MachineChampion
Eye Letting MachineHang
Corner Cutting & Punching MachineBeyer
Mini Folding MachineEuro Fold
Rotary Numbering MachineMorgana
Pasting & Pressing Machine