Pre Press Department

The Pre Press at the International Printing Press is one of the best available in the region. The best hardware, talent and systems ensure the highest standards in quality. Right from preparing the art work to Out putting, Mounting, Plate making, Image setting and everything done in-house by an efficient, experienced and a professional team. Wether you use your own artwork or our talented designers, the whole department works as a team to ensure that your final print looks exactly as you had imagined it. It is the pre press department that lays the foundation of your beautiful brochures, advertisements, pamphlets, magazines and newsletters. Sheer experience and state of the art technical facilities ensure that you get nothing but the best.

Equipment in the Pre Press

Kodak Platesetter
Trendsetter 800 II Quantum CTPCREO
UV Setter 742 CTCPBasysprint Belgium
Prinergy WorkflowCREO
GMG Proofing System
Automated Tape LibraryCREO
Integris 800/Epson 9600 ProoferCREO
IQ Smart3 Copy Dot ScannerCREO
Oxygen Copydot tool kitCREO
Image SetterFuji Luxel 4080
Power Mac G5 MachinesMacintosh
Daylight Film ProcessorGlunz and Jensen
Daylight Film Contact PrinterTheimer
Plate ProcessorGlunz and Jensen
Plate ProcessorKodak
Digital PrinterKonica LD6500