The Team

General Manager

Mr.Ashraf Ali
Financial Controller

Mr.Joseph K.Joseph
Office Manager

Mr.Saleem Basha
Sales Manager

A collection of individuals functioning in close co operation towards a common goal

Over two and a half decades IPP has grown by leaps and bounds- in manpower, technical expertise and facilities. It is a saga of dedication, hard work and success. If anything is responsible for this incredible success-it is the team spirit.

Starting from the Managing Director, Mr. Abdul Salam Albanna and General Manager – Mr.P.I.Radhakrishnan, onto the technicians on the press floor the entire team thinks, acts and delivers as one. They are as singularly unified in their commitment to discipline, quality and success as to the smiles on their faces.

A spirit of professionalism and dedication to their jobs binds the IPP team together as one. Expertise of technicians at the state of the art machines makes the hardware an extension of the team. Infact the press operates 24 hours of the day and still remains fresh and alive throughout.

It is a team spirit where the customer is a part of the team and every member at IPP goes the extra mile to understand his needs and deliver the best quality. Joseph K.Joseph An effortless communication runs through out the team allowing it to behave like one and deliver like one. For clients it translates into an effortless and hassle free one-stop experience, which satisfies all their printing needs right from the smallest visiting cards to high profile brochures and efficient packaging.

The credo in the press is –

work hard and smile more, for they who work hard inherit the glories of success